Lords of the Fallen Screenshots Appear

To date, the only details we've had on the next-generation ARPG Lords of the Fallen is some lovely concept art. That's great n' all, but in-game is where it's at. Fortunately E3 has been very forthcoming in that regard, giving us some stunning new screenshots of the game and detailing how the gameplay will work.

Designed to be a punishingly difficult RPG from the ground up - taking on Dark Souls for title of hardest contemporary RPG - the game gives you a stamina meter, which lets you keep an eye on whether you can roll or dodge to the side. Swinging your weapon will also drain the bar, meaning you can't just wail away on foes.

Speaking of which, most of the time they'll come at you 1on1 or at worst 2on1, this is no hoard mode where the challenge is in the sheer number of enemies - it's a straight up battle for supremacy between you and a variety of different sized enemies.

Chapters will be the mode of progression through the game, though there will be non-linear exploration, with lots of secrets to be found throughout the world. The protagonist, whom the players will control, is called Harkyn and throughout the game he'll be facing off against the demonic armies of the fallen god.

Lords of the Fallen is expected to be released for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 sometime in early 2014.

Anyone else think that Harkyn looks a bit like the main characters in the two Darksiders games?

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