New Sir You Are Being Hunted Screenshots

Being the resident Brit here at Megagames, I feel it's my duty to keep you guys updated on games from our little island nation, especially those that are very British. With that in mind, there's a load of new screenshots for Sir You Are Being Hunted, that procedurally generated FPS survival title from Big Robot.

They look quite spiffing too. With lots of top hats to be seen, though no bobbies to keep the peace and from the looks of it, no tea either.

Set on a somewhat deserted island, the player is tasked with finding their way off it, whilst staying alive and therefore avoiding the robotic inhabitants that seem hell bent on murdering you with their antiquated weaponry.

The game features a stealth meter, as well as a foliage system which sees the player hiding in bushes and trees, as well as using the environment to help distract the enemy. See a flock of birds? Fire a shot off at them and cause them to scatter, that'll draw the attention of the red eyed, robotic dangers.

Currently in development for PC, Mac and Linux, the Unity engined powered game has yet to receive a release date, but it' looks to be shaping up nicely.

Thanks VG247.

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