Team Meat Trolled This Scammer So hard


Nobody could accuse Team Meat (the guys who created Super Meat Boy and Mewgenics) of lacking a sense of humour, so it's not surprising when someone tries to scam around $16,000 from them for a faux movie treatment based on their skin-less protagonist, that they have a little fun with it.

What follows is a 50 minute conversation, filled with deliberately dumb remarks by the duo, along with outrageous statements like: Kinect doesn't do anything, Steam is small time, that Microsoft owes them $7 million, that the Xbox One is involved in child pornography, that there was someone behind most of the "levels for Minecraft," and a fair few more.

They also showcase some wonderfully faked, awful maths. Four, plus twelve, plus sixteen... Listen in at around the 33:30 mark for that headache.

They play stupid throughout, suggesting that they're "street smart," but not school smart and that it's easy for people to take advantage of them and they they "really appreciate," that the guy they're talking to was being honest with them.

This is a bit of a long one, but just skip through if you don't fancy listening to the whole thing, there's a lot of gems hidden in there.

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