Rayman Designer Tells The Story Behind Ubisoft Montpellier’s Protest

Rayman Legends was intended to be a Wii U exclusive, but Ubisoft decided to delay it and release it on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PC. Understandably, Wii U Rayman fans didn’t like the fact that their finished version of the game is held up until other versions are complete.

Fans organized a few protests demanding that Rayman Legends should be released on Wii U without waiting for other platforms. The most interesting protest was the one that took place in front of Ubisoft Montpellier where almost all protesters were members of the studio’s staff.

More interesting, that protest never happened.

“As for the protest about the delay, it actually never happened, it’s a funny story and in the end a big misunderstanding,” said Emile Morel, Rayman Legends’ lead game designer.

“A few days after the announcement of the delay, one morning two Rayman fans came by the studio with a funny banner to protest about the delay in a nice and humoristic way. We’re not used to have fans coming by the studio, so some members of the team took pictures with them to be nice and friendly,” he explained.

“We spent some time talking with them and once they left I remember someone in the team asking: ‘Did we tell them not to put these pictures online?’ The answer was ‘no’ and two hours later these pictures were everywhere and people started to think that the whole team was protesting about the delay. In the end, no harm was done, and this gives us a funny story to tell!”

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