Target Advert Thinks Wii Is a Wii U

While a lot of Wii U fans might cry foul at the media's portrayal of the console as a bit of a failure, suggesting that it's just a lack of games that's causing it to have problems, it's becoming increasingly obvious that it's a branding issue more than anything.

Case in point, Target, in its recent advert for the Wii U, perched a Gamepad on top of a Wii console, missing the point entirely.

When your retailers can't even tell the difference between a last gen system and your current gen, how do you expect the consumers too?

Spotted by Twitter user @Shane1323 (via Kotaku) and now by you fine folks, this obviously puts egg on Target's face, but Nintendo's far more.

It has got to do something to turn this trend around as at the moment, nobody cares about the Wii U and not many people know it exists - and if they do, they think it's a Wii accessory.

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