Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Trailer


If you thought one Batman game this year was exciting, wait until you see the new trailer for the caped crusader's handheld offering. Coming to the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Eshop and PS Vita in the fall, a new trailer has been released for Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate, known as: Under New Management.

in a mashup of comic book style artwork and in-game footage, we learn that Blackgate prison has been overrun, leading to villains of all walks of life being let loose on the premises. Unfortunately, this means the entire prison staff has been taken hostage, so it's up to Batman to go in there and save them.

Gameplay looks to mix up third person action with 2.5D sidescrolling and the visuals are certainly quite impressive for a handheld, though we're used to seeing high end aesthetics on mobile devices far more often these days.

Combat wise it looks very similar to what we've been used to on home consoles and PC offerings of Batman, with the same swoops, gadgetry and attacks - and plenty of familiar faces.

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate, is set for release on 25/10/2013.

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