Someone Leaked the GTA V map

Map Smal

Man Rockstar is going to be pissed. Someone working at an outlet that got official Brady strategy guides for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, has broken one open and snapped a couple pictures of the game's map and a legend telling you where everything is.

Initially people were sceptical, suggesting that it could be a fake and that it looked too small, but Forbes has now come forward and confirmed it with several image comparisons with parts of in-game trailers and previously released information.

While this doesn't tell us a lot about the game, it does show how much of the map won't be within a city - that means lots of off road driving and exploring, like in San Andreas, but on a whole new scale.

On top of that, the legend lets us know about a few unannounced features, including the fact we can go to car washes, watch a movie at the local cinema, ride cable cars, play darts and run a triathlon.

It should also be noted that there's a "property for sale," icon, which suggests we'll actually be able to do something with our money in this game - as opposed to Nico in GTA IV constantly whining about not having any money, despite six figures just sitting in his pocket with nothing to spend it on.

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