Watchdogs Dedsec Edition Detailed in new Trailer

A new video for Watchdogs has been released for the collector's box, known as the Deadsec Edition.It features a few bonuses for those wanting to drop a few more sheckles on the upcoming hacking title.

If you're willing to spend that bit extra, you'll get yourself:

  • A 23cm (nine inches) tall, prepainted model of the protagonist, Aiden Pearce
  • A collector's edition artbook, featuring concept and final art from the game
  • A set of four augmented reality cards which display characters from the game
  • The steelbook version of the game itself, featuring three exclusive collector's badges
  • Official soundtrack for the game on CD
  • A Watch Dogs themed map of Chicago, featuring data hotspots
  • In game bonus content, such as the Breakthrough pack (offering the vehicle expert perk),
  • Signature Shot (giving you a biometric assault rifle) and the Palace Pack (offering an investigation bonus and an ATM hack boost).

Unfortunately, this Deadsec edition will only be available in the EU, Asia and AUS. The US will receive it's own special, limited edition.

Watch Dogs is set for release on all current gen systems and PC on November 19th.

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