Could You be a League of Legends Shoutcaster?


One of the most important jobs associated with professional sports, is the commentator. Not only do these people let us know what's going on, give us information on players and teams and their stats (boy do they love telling us that player X is the second most Y ever) but they introduce new viewers to what is actually going on.

Without them, we'd have to resort to our buddies explaining everything and how good a job can they really do?

But what if you want to become one of these hallowed broadcasters yourself? What if you're a massive League of Legends fan and player and feel you could do just as good a job as any of the pro shoutcasters out there? How do you go about it?

Well there are positions available currently for official EU and NA shoutcasters. These are Riot employee positions, which you can sign up for here and Reddit AMA, current shoutcasters: Riv, Phreak, Kobe, Deman, Joe, qu1ksh0t, and Sjokz, answered questions from the crowd, some of which related to how you practice for such a job.

“Cast lots and often, more practice makes you better,” said Deman. “Watch the casts back, decide what you like and dislike, adjust and go again.”

Jatt was a little more harsh, suggesting personal criticism: “Have tough skin and know how to be self-critical,” he said. “Casting is such a small community that people are generally not going to tell you how to improve, you have to figure it out yourself.”

So what of it Megagames readers? Any of you fancy the chance of being Riot's next shoutcaster?

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