Rockstar Launches GTA V Life Infader Social Network

The last version of Grand Theft Auto had its own internet, so it's not surprising that this time around, with the digitally connected world the way it is, GTA V is getting its own social network - called Life Invader.

At the moment, it features some of the businesses you might find throughout the game. Classy joints like: Warstock Cache and Carry,which provides ex military vehicles to the kinds of people who would need such a thing. Then there's Herr Kutz Barber, a ghetto themed hair salon featuring outdated styling and cuts, because, as their page points out, where would the hipsters go otherwise?

Los Santos Customs also has a prominent page, showing off some of the cars its modified, sprayed and upgraded, including some of the game's super cars, like the always popular Infernus and the newly added Adder.

Players can currently sign in to Life Invader with their Rockstar Social accounts, but it's not clear at this time how much functionality players will have. Perhaps once the game is launched they'll be able to post up testimonials with the businesses. It wouldn't surprise me, with the continued gameplay nature of GTA V Online, if Rockstar had a few people it specifically paid to run the social network like these pages were owned by real businesses.

What do you guys think of this? Is it something you might get involved in as you played the game? Or do you want Rockstar to just get on and release the damn game already?

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