GTA V is crashing some old 360s

GTA V Freeze

A large number of users have been reporting for the past few days, that their versions of Grand Theft Auto V have been crashing - with the main common ground, being that they all have old Xboxs. Not old as in last generation, but old as in, their 360 came from between 2006 to 2008, or was refurbished during that time.

It's been suggested that the reason for the crashes - which usually happen some time after 30 minutes of playing - could be caused by small hard drives and lack of space, since most old models came with just 20GB HDDs at the time. However, some people who upgraded to the larger model hard drives over the past few years, have still found the same problem occurring.

Some people have found specific cut scenes to be causing the problem, one in particular being the ones after the first main mission.

If you're experiencing random freezing and happen to have an older Xbox, there is one fix doing the rounds, though it's not full proof. According to one user who purportedly contacted Rockstar about the issue, you need to do the following:

Delete all GTA V save data
Clear system cache three times (why three times, is not explained)
Delete all marketplace data
Unplug the console and leave it without power for three minutes or more
Plug everything back in and reinstall the first GTA V disc
Power off the console again, before putting in the second disc
Restart the console one more time
Install the second disc

At this point, the game should be playable, in theory, though several people that have tried these long winded steps, are still reporting the freeze problem.

However, it may not be the fault of the old Xbox at all. Rockstar's recent update of its main site FAQ, suggests that it could be caused by a bad disc too.

"Rockstar games frequently read data off the disc, and the following behaviours suggest that the game cannot read the disc and there may be a problem with either the disc or the console," reads the site. Listing "random, non-reproducible crashes and freezes that only happen when using a particular disc or console."

Have any of you experienced these sorts of crashes? If so, are you using an older Xbox? Let us know below.

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