Cloud 9: being friends is the key to winning at LoL


Are you stuck in ELO Hell? Is your team struggling to win even one ranked match? Then maybe you need to make some more friends, as according to the team with the highest win percentage in this season of League of Legends championship (Cloud 9), the reason they're doing so well, is because all the players are firm friends.

This is the advice being given by the team in a recent video on the team's success, with many pointing out that they've left their friends, families and homes to come and work/play professionally. They've been dedicated, but more than that, they've made an effort to foster a family environment within the team itself.

These aren't pros looking for the best paycheck, expecting to jump ship when they get a better offer; these guys are in it for the long haul. Plans are followed as soon as someone suggests them, because there's intra-team trust between the players. It doesn't matter if the call is bad, but they execute it immediately because operating together in a way that isn't optimal, is better than them all doing their own thing.

Cloud 9 knows this is what's made the difference too, because last year they were knocked out in the early rounds of the qualifiers, but this year they're almost undefeated, with over a 90 percent win rate and the longest running win streak in the history of the professional game.

So if you're wondering how your team can improve their game, maybe drop the criticism and listen to your friends, because if you spend any amount of time playing with people, you should be good pals too, as it'll better for you in the long run.

Oh and having a team analyst that knows everything about your opponents and what they're likely to pick, helps too.

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