Rumour: GTA V PC might use DX features and 64bit

Last week some basic information about GTA V's potential PC version was gleaned from an XML file on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Now, someone else has done some digging in the PS3 version and discovered looks like references to 2k textures in a PC version, along with expected DX11 features.

The lines in question, found by Redditor Hal_Nein_Thousand, are as follows:

985459 – PC – [PT][PB] Crash – > game_win32_beta_dx11.exe!strRequest::Release() Line 47 + 0xf bytes C++
614622 – [LB][PT][LDS][DX11] Blooms too much on smog weather setting.
632447 – [PC] All the phones are very dark and hard to read
496009 – [PC] Debug picker seems to be non-functional
(no x64 prebuild cover) – Boot checks completed only.
Base AudioCL#s: Playstation 3 and XBOX: 3772801; PC CL 3773483

The mention of DirectX11 features and bloom in a 2013 game is no surprise, but an allusion to an X64 build is exciting, as it potentially means support for more than 3.2GB of RAM. This could mean much higher resolutions textures, or more of the game world being pre-loaded into the memory, which would reduce load times and pop in.

What's great about these bug reports however, isn't the added features (though it's nice to see a PC version getting a touch up) but the fact that it looks like Rockstar has been developing the PC version for almost as long as the console variants. That hopefully means a full fleshed out recreation and not a sloppy console port.

Whether it's taking longer than the console version to release, or if Rockstar is holding out so people buy both versions, we may never know.

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