My spaceship is bigger than your spaceship


What'sup space nerds. Hows your biggest and baddest craft flying these days? I bet mine's bigger. It's the John A. Warden Battleship, man. From StarShip Troopers Invasion? That's 1,500 metres of pure ass kicking right there son.

Oh... yours is a Titan ship from Eve? Ok never mind.

If you've ever wondered how big space ships can be, the answer is: huge. Take the biggest ship you can think of, and chances are, you'll find one that's bigger on this amazingly created comparison of every space ship from every sci-fi universe. There might be the odd one missing if you want to get pedantic, but at a zoomed in glance, it looks like creator Dirk Loechel has covered most of the bases.

Here's a list of just a few of the sci-fi movie and game universes represented on this massive chart:

Eve Online
Warhammer 40,000
Star Wars
Star Trek
Starship Troopers
Babylon 5
Titan A.E

And the list goes on and on. Red Dwarf is even on there you guys.

Which is the biggest though? It'll take some scrolling around to check the sizes of a few of the biggest, as they all clock in about the same size.

Eve might win if you take into consideration the total mass of a ship, with its Titans clearly dominating the picture. Warhammer 40k comes close to the top with some of its biggest creations and Star Wars has perhaps the most super-long vessels around, but ultimately, the big cahuna, listed at 24,000 metres across, is the city destroying Mothership from Independence Day.

For a look at the full image so you can zoom in, check out the gallery.

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