Batman Arkham Origins launch trailer is here

We've been treated to a lot of great Batman Arkham Origins trailers over the past few months. From his battles with Deathstroke and Deadshot, to his trials and tribulations growing up, we've seen the different facets of the Dark Knight on the road to release day. Now with just two days to go, a new launch trailer has been released, known as "Personal Mission."

Skip to the bottom to view it if you don't want any of it spoiled for you in the breakdown.

This trailer is all about Black Mask and the beginnings of his little criminal revolution. Batman however, is having somewhat of a renaissance of his own, finally coming out of the closet and going after the newly crowned crime lords.

There's a lot of action packed footage in there, with Batman showcasing his abilities - detective and combative - as well as a few hints of different villains that he'll have to face along the way.

It's also very, very pretty, showing what leaps and bounds we've seen in technological achievements in this console generation. But we knew a lot about that anyway, when Nvidia announced a partnership with Warner Bros to bring some impressive new PhysX effects to the table.

Presumably from the way this trailer was named and how it focuses on a single enemy - of which we know Batman has many - this could just be one of several "launch trailers."

What did you guys think of it? Excited for the release?

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