Star Citizen on PC challenges next-gen consoles

Roberts Space Industries' Star Citizen is a year away from release and it's already throwing down the gauntlet and slapping the next-gen consoles with its white glove, as its visuals are simply stunning.

Watch this new trailer for a real taste of what the next-generation of not only consoles could one day offer, but what the PC has in store for gamers over the next couple of years.

The video is a faux-advert for the Hornet space craft, showing off its offensive, defensive and manoeuvring capabilities in a couple of quick dogfights while flying through an asteroid field.

Throughout we're shown the detailed exterior and interior of the ship, with its impressive animations for spinning gun barrels, little displays that fold out from the side of the ship to tell you about collision detection, missile lock ons and power outputs of your various engines.

It's all very exciting purely on a gameplay level, but the visual details steal the show and make you wish for a few hundred bucks extra so you could get yourself ready for the game when it's released in November next year. Your rig and your pants are going to need it.

Oh and you'll want a 4k monitor too, because this game natively supports that resolution and you can even watch the trailer like that if you have four 1080p screens or one of those ultra expensive native 4k displays that have just started hitting the top end of mainstream.

Just in-case you were wondering too, this was all rendered in-engine in real time. You might need a monster setup to handle it, but it is doable on today's hardware - which means it'll be that bit easier in November 2014.

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