Get ready for the international BF4 players


If you've been playing Battlefield 4 for the past couple of days and noticed the online servers dominated by US players, there's a reason for it. While in the US it might be common place for games to be released on a Tuesday - in this instance, October 29th - the rests of the world takes a different tack.

For example, today sees the launch of BF4 in Australia, but New Zealand won't get a look in till tomorrow. Likewise, the UK and India will be launching tomorrow as well, ready for weekends of gaming.

What is it about Tuesday's that make them so good for gaming?

Unfortunately Japan draws the short straw of the bunch, not getting access to the latest DICE title until the 7th November, so not for another week.

Despite the US (Brazil and the Philippines too) getting the game earlier this week, the multiplayer mode only launched yesterday, alongside the German release. It's perhaps a shame that it didn't debut alongside the singleplayer, as the offline portion of the game received the biggest criticism in reviews. The multiplayer on the other hand, has drawn nothing but praise.

So if you guys have been finding the multiplayer a bit easy, get ready for some international competition.

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