Giana's Return


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Giana's Returnis based on a game called "The Great Giana Sisters". The original was developed by Armin Gessert, Manfred Trenz and Chris Hülsbeck. Giana's Return is not a clone but is based around the original.

It features 6 worlds each with 6 levels, offering a total of 36 levels. Each world has 2 tunes, of course the game also has various sound effects plus titlemusic, game- over music and more. While the first world is rather easy you'll notice slight increase of difficulty in later worlds which should make the game a worthwhile challenge. At level two and up you'll recieve passwords. These are not only passwords to help you skip the early levels but may also help you unlock hidden functions.

Most of you will remember The Great Giana Sisters from the old skool days. The gameplay in Giana's Return is not much different. Try to solve each level in time, collect diamonds to get an extralife (100 diamonds) and try to gain extra items such as the Stonecrusher, the lightning (ability to shoot) or the pineapple. You will also find a variety of hidden bonus rooms which contain a lot of diamonds.

This game is 100 per cent freeware, no money in any form should be charged for it.

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