Survey Shows Consumers Are More Interested In PS4 Than Xbox One

Perhaps unsurprisingly, customer surveys are showing that gamers are more interested in PlayStation 4 than Xbox One and that both consoles are light years ahead of Wii U in terms of buying intentions.

After surveying more than 5,000 players, Intergi Entertainment found that 58% are planning to buy a PlayStation 4 soon, 39% are planning to buy an Xbox One while 1% only are considering Wii U.

In fact, PlayStation 4 was consistently on the lead for most of the survey. 51% of the survey respondents preferred PlayStation 4 design while 36% preferred Xbox design. Similarly, 51% believe that Dual Shock 4 touch pad is the best controller innovation and 50% believe that PS4's launch lineup is superior while 35% are content that Xbox One controller's Rumble Triggers are the best innovation and 48% agree that Microsoft's console has the best launch lineup.

As for Wii U, on 1% preferred its design, 14% found its gamepad the most innovative and 2% agree that its game lineup is great.

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