EA Blames Day One Patch For Crashing "All PS4 Games"

Perhaps unsurprisingly, PlayStation 4 ran into a few problems with PlayStation Network succumbing to "extremely high" traffic volume all day and people reporting hardware problems.

Additionally, Electronic Arts posted a note on its support site blaming PS4's day one update for crashing and freezing "all game on PS4, including EA titles."

"Sony has released a firmware update for the PlayStation 4 that is required for many features on the console," the note read. "However, this update also results in stability issues while playing games on the system. This affects all games on the PS4, including EA titles, causing crashing/freezing and non-responsive connections between the player's console and their TV screen. Unfortunately since it's an issue with Sony's firmware, it requires a new update to fix it."

EA explained that there nothing it can do to remedy those problems and that Sony is working to release a new system patch as soon as possible to fix them.

The note was later removed with an EA representative elaborating that it was "posted in error" and that users should refer to Sony's own support site for inquiries regarding PS4 problems.

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