Ballmer still loves the Xbox


Early Xbox One reviews haven't been the most positive, even if it does have some new features which people are pretty excited about. Ultimately it's just not quite there yet, specifically in respect of a lot of the launch games. That said, Steve Ballmer, on-the-way-out CEO at Microsoft is still very keen on it, as you would expect him to be, and praised the console in his final keynote speech as top dog.

He said that the Xbox was, "a reflection of what is possible when a company, our company, is unified under a common vision."

He also suggested that the near future was a big and important time for Microsoft, saying that: "This is really a signature moment in the transformation of the company.

"Microsoft is uniquely positioned to drive and define the next big thing."

While traditionally a little bigger than a gaming console manager, Ballmer has had a much more direct role in directing the next-gen console since the departure of original Xbox One debuter, Don Mattrick.

Geekwire is reporting that he then went on to discuss how he believed the Xbox was setting the stage for a unification of the company's products, bringing Bing search and Skydrive onto the platform. This he said would help pave the way for introducing similar collaborative technologies on tablets and Windows phones.

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