Here's the first official Xbox One owner

A few people might have received their Xbox One early, but as the sun creeps round the globe today, eager fans the world over will be waiting on their official release version - one that won't get banned as soon as they jump online.

However as excited as all those worldwide gamers are, they'll never be the first to own one. No that honour goes to Dan Livingsone of New Zealand, who was first in line to receive his Xbox One and walked away as the first official buyer of Microsoft's next gen system.

Dan had his picture snapped by corporate vice president of Microsoft, Phil Harrison, and was even given a little congratulations by the software giant executive:

"Congratulations to Dan Livingstone of NZ - you're officially the first Xbox One owner on the planet #XboxOneLaunch," tweeted Harrison earlier today.

Of course though, Dan's not the only one that's been posing with his new console. Now that a few hours have gone by since the launch of the Xbox One, a few other people have been hitting twitter with their new Xbox's next to them. Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom for example, posed with all five of his newly purchased machines.

Any of you getting ready to stand online later today?

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