Perfect Cherry Blossom


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Perfect Cherry Blossom is a shooter which comes compliments of Team Shanghai Alice, the makers of the now classic "Embodiement of Scarlet Devil." PCB, stays true to the spirit of its predecessor, so things are simple, if you liked EoSD then you will love this.

The game carries all of the EoSD features gamers came to love, so the stunning graphics, the hectic but engaging gameplay and the overall unique atmosphere are there. The advantage of this new game however, lies in the various improvements its developers have implemented, the sound has been upgraded from great to amazing, both the soundtrack and effects will keep you going. Other improvements involve gameplay features such as the ability to slow down during stages that require difficult manoeuvres.

PCB is definitely a keeper, a game everyone should have somewhere on their hard drive.

For those who just started Japanese 101, controls are:

Z - Shoot,
X - Bomb
Left Shift - Alternative Shot
Left Shift and Z - slow down.

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