Vektor Space


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Vektor Space is a sport played in arenas called spaces. Contestants compete on hover vehicles, called vektors, in a form of deathmatch. Vektors take damage when passing through trails (known as neons) left behind other vektors. The neon resembles a semi-transparent wall, and it is automatically left behind a vektor as it drives throughout the space. The goal of Vector Space is for the player to maneuver his vektor in front of his competitors', thus causing damage to occur to their vektors. After this damage has reached a certain amount, the opponents' vektors will be destroyed and taken out of the game. Should a player collide with another character or a wall placed within the space, then their vektor is automatically destroyed. The player wins by being the last remaining vektor in the arena.

Each vektor is equipped with a Flux Drive that allows the vehicle to make incredibly sharp turns. This ability allows the player to more easily cut-off his opponents', but it is limited to the boost capabilities of the player's vektor. Each vektor contains a boost meter. When the meter has sufficient energy the player can choose to go into boost mode. This increases the vektor's speed and turning ability. The maximum duration of the boost is dependent on the Flux Drive the vektor contains.

Key Features

• Fully customize your hover vehicle in the following areas: Chassis, Shields, Engine, Flux Drive/Boost, and Neon Strength/Duration.
• Choose from one of eight characters or play a custom character of your own.
• Diverse arenas offer unique challenges and obstacles.
• Up to eight players can compete at a time.
• Two single player modes and a multiplayer mode.
• Single: Instant Action and Circuit Mode.
• Multi: Deathmatch

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