Seek & Dread Online


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Seek & Dread Online is a free top-down multiplayer shooter. It is similar to Counter-Strike but it is a 2D-game.

You control a terrorist or a police man. You can move your character with the keyboard and aim with the mouse. In Deathmatch Mode you have no friends, all that counts is that you survive. Collect firearms and grenades that appear randomly on the playfield and do not forget to refresh your health while you are engaged in heavy gunfights.

In Team Mode you can choose if you want to join the terrorists or the police forces. Then you can buy your equipment and start to conquer the enemy's base with your team. Planting C4 to destroy walls, flashing your enemies with flashbangs, blowing up your enemies with HE-grenades or corner them with gas grenades will help you to accomplish your mission. Thanks to the map editor you can create your own scenarios and make them available to all players by uploading them to the game's official website.

You can find links to the game, a map pack and the map editor by following the download tab above.

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