Metal Gear Solid 3 Trailer Leaked


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Just a few short days before E3 and a video of Metal Gear Solid 3 has surfaced. It was first made available through some obscure source but pretty soon IGN got their hands on it and now you can have a first look at the game through MegaGames.
The video is part of the full trailer which will be revealed at E3. The full title of the new MGS game is not yet known but this particular video is called Snake Eater, the reason why will become obvious once you watch the first 10 seconds.
The video, which is in low resolution, shows Solid Snake running in a Vietnam-like jungle while under heavy fire. He returns fire with his weapon and is also seen jumping off a waterfall. The video images are complimented by an epic melody and do manage to create Konami's desired effect i.e. awe and anticipation.

It is unlikely that this leaked video will cause Konami's official presentation any problems since there is not enough footage in the video to give much away about the game. It could be just a very well orchestrated move on the publishers part to prepare everyone for the official presentation. After that short clip people will certainly pay close attention to what Konami have to say during E3.

No more waiting follow the download tab above and get to the video.

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