Warcraft 3 E3 Trailer


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Take a look at the new Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos E3 2001 Trailer.

In the face of an even greater invasion from the Burning Legion, the reunited Orcish Horde and the Human armies of Azeroth have shifted their focus from conquest, and betrayal to basic survival. Catch a glimpse of the chaos to come in these cinematic teasers and gameplay previews for Warcraft III. The files are self-contained and ready to play on any Windows system with DirectX.

hese videos run only for the PC and in 24-bit color. If you are using a graphics card that does not support 24-bit color or have the desktop color depth at 256 colors, you will need to change the desktop color depth to 24-bit or 32-bit in order to view this video correctly.

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