AMD's Mantle API to improve BF4 by Christmas

Whichever graphics card brand you're using at the moment, be it AMD or Nvidia, you've got some advantages over the other. If you're running Nvidia tech, you can utilise full speed PhysX processing and in the future, you'll be able to use GSync to eliminate screen tears. But if you're using AMD hardware, there's a chance your frame rates could take a big leap soon enough thanks to the upcoming release of the Mantle API, giving PC developers deep access to the GPU - similar to how they do on consoles - allowing for better optimisation.

One of the first engines to support this new API is Frostbite 3, the one used for Battlefield 4 and most of EA's upcoming games. So it's no surprise that we could be looking at some nice performance jumps in BF4 for those using AMD hardware before the end of December.

However, if your'e sitting pretty with your ATI Radeon 9800 Pro thinking that you're going to be able to take advantage of this new tech, think again, as it's reserved for graphics core next architectures only. That means even if you're sitting on a superclocked, double cored 6990, you won't be able to benefit. It's 7 series and R9 series only.

Still, if you have one of those cards, chances are going forward you'll be playing something closer to that of console gamers, since the Mantle API works in a similar fashion to the one used in PS4 development. It'll still feature all of the fancy effects found in the DX11 API though, like Tessellation, but without the bottleneck that Microsoft's technology often gets accredited with.

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