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Bungie has made good on its promise and has delivered the brand new one minute, cinematic Halo 3 trailer. The movie offers very little information regarding the storyline and visuals of the game but does hint at what we can expect. The ad aired in the U.S. shortly after the Halo3.com website went live, giving fans the chance to register for Halo 3 updates.

If you are left wondering about the relevance of the ad and the significance of what goes on, on-screen, Bungie's Frankie, in an irc Q&A says, Nothing in the trailer was placed there by the agency - that is to say, every object and action was put in there with Bungie's consent and usually assets. Which you have t assume we wouldn't do without good reason, right?

Frankie also mentions the, much discussed, shield grenade and adds his little twist on it, Why does the shield have to be from a grenade? Obviously the object is grenade-like. But who says it's a grenade?

He also goes on to add that the timeline of this new trailer is in or around that of the E3 2006 trailer but goes on to add that he will not reveal what that timeline is as it would be considered a spoiler. Frankie also mentions that the trailer is, ...not indicative of gameplay.... which he adds means that, ...these images were not captured from the gameplay engine. Anything else is up for interpretation...

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