Highlander - Endgame


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The epic story of the immortals that began with Highlander the movie in 1986 and was followed by the tv series moves forward. The fourth film joins the hero of the first three films, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert), with the hero of the TV series, Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul). The two MacLeods also starred together in the pilot episode for the tv series. One of the the most persistent rumors regarding the plot, whose details are guarded closely,is that Connor will finally lose his head.
Other exclusive Megagames rumours suggest that the plot will feature a rogue gang of immortals attacking The sanctuary killing all within except for Connor. The immortals will be faced with their greatest challenge yet.
Following the lack of any satisfying sequel to the original movie, lets hope this installment (planned release September 1st 2000), will help us forget the 2nd and 3rd Highlander movies.

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