Black - Five Rules Videos


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EA has released a new set of movies that showcase the five rules of Black. Those of you who thought of Criterion's excessive shooter as nothing but mindless fun think again as the videos make it clear that there is an entire philosophy behind the game.

The five rules of Black serve as a reminder that gaming can produce depth and it is the rules that give shape to the chaos that is Black. The movies have no in-game footage but instead rely on the wisdom of seasoned gurus and such wonderful lines as whoooohooo and happiness is a warm gun remind us that even though Ben Franklin and Oscar Wilde may be dead, their spirit lives on.

Those of you who will download these movies will truly engage in a life-changing experience which will make you fervent activists against the abuse of peanut-butter, a little-known yet ghastly aspect of human nature.

I will leave you with the actual five rules Guns are the Stars, Every Bullet is your Baby, Bigger and Louder, Get Creative With your Kills and Leave a Trail of Destruction

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