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Want to take a look at Blair Witch 2: book of shadows? The current trailer for the film is now online ( The trailer features a number of clips from the film, including a first good look at the characters. "Blair Witch 2: book of shadows" opens in the USA on October 27th, 2000.

The Story:
In present day Burkittsville, after the events chronicled in The Blair Witch Project, four young people have signed up for a tour of the Black Hills, the latest Blair Witch-inspired moneymaker dreamed up by Jeff Patterson, a black sheep townie with a murky past. They set up camp near the foundation of the house that belonged to Rustin Parr, the old hermit who was hanged for the murders of seven children, a crime that bore the mark of the Blair Witch. In the morning, the campers awake with no memory of having gone to sleep and five hours stolen from their lives. The return to Jeff's residence, an abandoned 19th Century warehouse at the edge of Burkittsville, to try to piece together what happened. But the strange occurrences haven't ended with that night.

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