Gears of War Movie Treatment Leaked


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Gamers are used to games' alpha and beta versions leaks, but perhaps this is the first time a game movie treatment has been leaked.
A movie treatment usually is the final step before the first draft of a screenplay for a motion picture.

A user at LatinoReview had access to Stu Beattie's 22 page treatment of Gears Of War movie, and he revealed it all.
Warning: Spoilers Ahead

It looks like the movie will begin by the Gears (soldiers of COG) finally winning the Pendulum Wars after 79 years of battle. The Coalition of Ordered Governments could have simply burned the fortress to the ground with their orbital satellites, but a body count is needed for the big final COG victory and satburns have a way of disintegrating human flesh...

The treatment also mentions some gaming-like moments: Once the gears reach the bunker, the fighting goes hand to hand. Face to face. Chainsaw to chainsaw. Marcus (the main character) is cold and emotionless. A professional soldier doing whatever is necessary to get the job done. He feels nothing, using corpses of other gears as cover without hesitation as they finally break through the enemy's last defenses.

But during the end of war celebrations earth starts trembling and people get sucked into it. Dom's (the second main character) kids get sucked into earth right in front of his eyes, then the Horde of Locus start attacking the planet. Familiar enemies from the game will start to kill every "man, woman and child on the planet".
The Locust Horde is now the enemy of the COG and all other human governments. All of humanity is once again at war. And now the movie kicks into high gear…

You can read the whole treatment with much more details and spoilers through the link in the downloads tab.

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