SuperBowl Sees Matrix Terminator Sequels


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Another SuperBowl has come and gone, the underdogs won this time, the half-time show was spectacular and another SB tradition has kept its promise. The ads aired during the SuperBowl are fast becoming a part of U.S. history. Those 10 second clips are aired on some of the most expensive airtime in the world and their creators constantly strive for new ideas.
The financial weight carried by each ad is so immense that many believe each years offerings could serve as very accurate indicators of current trends. Who can forget the rain of .com ads during the internet boom and who can remember most of the companies now.
The ads however, remain and this years selection clearly demonstrates that movies are becoming an extremely powerful market force. This summer season two highly anticipated sequels are being released and SuperBowl could not ignore that. By far the two most interesting ads were the Matrix - Reloaded and the T3 - Rise of the Machines trailers. Other ads included Michael Jordan facing the only player with a chance against him, his younger self and the Osbourne family drinking what I can only assume must be a spiked version of a popular soft drink.

You can see every 2003 SB ad aired and also download a High Quality version of the Matrix SuperBowl Ad by following the download tab above.

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