Red Vs Blue Team Does The Sims 2


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Electronic Arts announced that Rooster Teeth Productions, famous for its well-known, ongoing Red vs. Blue online comedy series, will make a series of movies using The Sims 2.

Last week The Sims 2 shipped to retailers under the EA GAMES brand and consumers have flocked to it making The Sims 2 the fastest selling PC game ever. It is, obviously, the all-new movie-making feature that lends to Machinima.

The Red vs. Blue series is an example of Machinima, a blossoming new form of computerized animation where video games are used to create high-quality real-time digital videos that are downloaded from the Internet by zealous admirers.

Rooster Teeth will use this movie making feature to create a whole series of movies based on The Sims 2. As The Sims became a cultural phenomenon and brought computer games to the masses, Rooster Teeth movies from The Sims 2 are poised to do the same thing -- bring Machinima to the masses. The short The Sims 2 movies will be available starting today with new movies premiering on a regularly scheduled basis on the official site, link and first movie available by following the download tab above.

Rooster Teeth's founder Burnie Burns lauds The Sims 2 movie making feature as an addictive cutting edge gaming advancement that opens the world of movie production to the masses by allowing anyone to start shooting movies with the touch of a button. He adds, That while original The Sims fans got their first taste of the Machinima movement by using 1st generation capture features, In The Sims 2, players can capture any camera angle, build wild and outlandish sets, create an enormous custom wardrobe and even modify a character's facial features like a special effects master. The Sims 2 is an amazing technological advancement.

Under this agreement, the masterminds at Rooster Teeth will create a series of films called Strangerhood centered on a group of eclectic characters all suffering from amnesia. For reasons unknown to them, they have been gathered together in a mysteriously remote suburban neighborhood. Throughout the season, the characters will attempt to figure out who they are, why they have been brought together, how they can live with each other and just exactly who is behind this bizarre experiment.

Rooster Teeth Productions' continuing Red vs. Blue series has brought gaming as a form of entertainment to a whole new level. Rooster Teeth averages over 750,000 movie downloads each week from their website, which has been online since their launch on April 1, 2003.

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