Thief:Deadly Shadows UK Launch Trailer


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Thief: Deadly Shadows will be hitting stores in the U.K. tomorrow on PC and Xbox and to celebrate Eidos has added a new trailer at the official game website.

You are Garrett, a Master Thief, rarely seen but never caught. Moving silently through the shadows, you are able to sneak past any guard, pick any lock, break into the most ingeniously secured residences. Stealing from the wealthy is all in a night's work.

In this intense thriller of murderous conspiracy you must use your stealth tactics to uncover a sinister secret that lies within the city walls. Will your skills be enough to save the dying city, can you survive betrayal, assassins, and war in the labyrinth of city streets?

Thief: Deadly Shadows is developed by Deus Ex creators Ion Storm and will be on U.K. shelves tomorrow on Xbox and PC.

For the link to the trailer follow the download tab above. If you wish to try the game before you buy it you can always download the Thief: Deadly Shadows Demo.

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