Being Invisible makes you hollow


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The thought of human invisibility has intrigued man for centuries. Repeated in oral tradition and literature since ancient times, the fascinating subject is now being explored by the acclaimed motion picture director Paul Verhoeven in a provocative new suspense thriller, "Hollow Man." In the latest gripping film entertainment to spring
from the fertile mind of Verhoeven ("Basic Instinct," "Starship Troopers," "Total Recall," "RoboCop"), highly gifted scientist Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) develops a serum that induces complete invisibility. His remarkable transformation results in unimaginable power that seems to suffocate his sense of morality and leads to a furious and frightening conclusion. "It is amazing what you can do," says Caine, "when you do not have to look at yourself in the mirror anymore." The unusual drama spotlights this
brilliant, arrogant but charismatic scientist, who heads a top-secret U. S. government research project to unlock the secret of invisibility. When the formula works successfully on animals, an ecstatic Caine recklessly disobeys Pentagon orders and
experiments on himself.
Due for an August 4 2000 Release.

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