Star Wars: Galaxies E3 2003 Trailer


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Immerse yourself in Star Wars® in a way you've only dreamed! Find your place during the epic galactic struggle between good and evil, and shape your own destiny. Star Wars Galaxies™ is the first massively multiplayer online roleplaying game based on the Star Wars universe that lets you live the movies with thousands of other players from around the world!

Game Features:

*Entirely new 3D engine designed to portray the Star Wars galaxy in the greatest possible detail
*A seamless universe spanning ten fully-realized Star Wars worlds, from the films and expanded universe, each with over 15 x 15 kilometers of explorable terrain
*Define your own role in the galaxy with 8 playable species and over 30 professions; become bounty hunters, smugglers, squad leaders and more!
*Many social skills including dancing, musicianship and image designer
*Advanced character customization tool that allows you to define nearly every detail of your character's appearance
*Grow your character with an in-depth and flexible skill-based system of advancement
*Highly configurable User Interface
*Highly cinematic and tactical combat system that focuses on blasters and other ranged weapons
*Ally and fight with the Rebel or Imperial sides of the Galactic Civil War, or remain neutral
*Rewarding faction system that allows players to gain special perks by fighting in the Galactic Civil War
*Battlefields, where players can square off against one another or NPCs to earn faction standing
*Placeable Minefields and Turrets
*Encounter and interact with 180+ unique creatures and hundreds of NPCs, including "named" characters like Darth Vader and Boba Fett
*Robust chat system including hundreds of emotes, moods, chat styles, persistent messages and player created channels
*Dynamic resource surveying and mining
*Advanced crafting system
*Completely player-run in-game economy that includes an in-game Marketplace that allows auctions and sales of in-game items
*Jabba's Palace, the Emperor's Retreat, a Rebel hideout, and other "theme parks" offer a variety of missions for and encounters with well-known Star Wars characters
*Dynamic Points of Interest that provide a huge supply of adventures
*Random Mission system for shorter play sessions
*Bounty Hunting skills and missions, with both PVE and PVP opportunities
*Player-based dynamic spawning system takes into account a player's relative strength and creates suitable encounters
*Natural AI behaviors, including herding, stalking and lair defending
*Player built and placed housing, shops and structures
*Player groups of up to twenty players
*Player run associations of up to 500 players
*Badge system that rewards achievement in various areas
*An in-game Matchmaking Service, helpful for identifying players with similar hobbies
*The chance to unlock the mysterious Force Sensitive character slot and attempt to master the most exhilarating and dangerous role in the galaxy...the Jedi.
*Full team support with future expansions and updates

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