Korea: Forgotten Conflict Movie


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Set in Korea during the conflict between North and South Korea, the game offers an authentic setting from the period, along with all its nuances. Diversity in locations such as enemy bases, airfields, railway stations, factory facilities, Prisoner of War camps, bridges and tunnels, as well as harbours, historical palaces or monasteries will bring each scenario to life. One particularly attractive setting is based on a real model of a part of the capital, Seoul. The area of these locations varies from several metres to several kilometres.

At present, the game comprises 5 campaigns consisting of a total of 15 missions. Every mission is a self-designed environment with its own graphic design based on a real world location. Missions will lead the player through the Korean War. With a focus on attention to detail, the player will notice the changes of weather and passage of the seasons throughout the year.

The basic characteristics of the game includes:

- A variety of military specialists including Ranger, Sniper, Demolition Expert, Medic, and othersPlanning operations

- High quality graphical 3D surroundings

- Detailed graphics including interiors of buildings, weapons and technical facilities

- Freedom of camera movement, detailed zooms, natural rotation and angle of the game camera

- In game video sequences which underline the atmosphere.

- Interactive environments including the possibility of manipulating and destroying objects

- Variety of missions.

- Weather effects including, rain, snow, wind and fog

- Seasonal changes (spring, summer, autumn and winter)

- Military tactics in a commando style

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