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Dimension Films has struck a deal with Threshold Entertainment to bring "Duke Nukem: The Movie," to life. The film will be produced by Larry Kasanoff ("Mortal Kombat I & II") and Threshold Entertainment. This will be an original licensed recreation of the Duke Nukem games designed by 3-D Realms.

In his first appearance on film, Duke plays himself as Earth's best bet against the alien onslaught. His Royal Highness is given the dangerous mission of traveling into deep space to intercept an alien ship heading straight for Earth.
Many Duke fans will be disappointed to hear that the movie is heading for a PG-13 rating but we can't have the studios loosing half their target audience, can we? Anyway they are assuring us that other great movies had a PG-13 rating like "The Mummy" and "Men in Black"

"I am thrilled to bring this extremely successful video game to the big screen," said Bob Weinstein, Threshold Entertainment co-chairman "This type of franchise, action film is the perfect fit for Dimension."

"I'm extremely excited to bring this best-selling video game character to life through Dimension," said Larry Kasanoff. "They are an ideal partner to grow the brand."

Duke Nukem is the number one PC game of all time and is the most popular video game franchise character with 100% name recognition to its target audience. Generating nearly $1 billion, Duke Nukem is among the most profitable video game properties. Let's see who gets to play the part...

(*The images included are from 'Duke Nukem:Planet of the Babes' game, not the actual movie)

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