Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Trailer


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Long before the Galactic Civil War, an epic drama begins.
Engage in this saga set in the Golden Age of the Republic - over 4,000 years before the first Star Wars film, when both Jedi and Sith number in the thousands. With the Galaxy reeling from a recent conflict with the Dark Lords, the ongoing battle between the Jedi and the Sith rages on. Your actions determine the outcome of this colossal galactic war - and your destiny as a Jedi.

Game Features:

*Immersive, action-packed Star Wars role playing experience with customizable and evolving playable characters.

*Your group, comprised of up to 3 characters, can include humans, droids, Twi'leks, Wookiees and more.

*Fast paced mini-games -- such as racing swoop bikes, or manning turret guns.

*Journey spans ten different worlds ranging from the familiar to the new.

*Locations include Tatooine, Sith world of Korriban, Jedi Academy on Dantooine and Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk.

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