Final Fantasy Better Then Flesh?


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One of the most eagerly awaited movies is ready to premiere. July 11th will see the release of Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within, although it is not the first game - turned - movie, it has created a great deal of controversy with the producers claiming to have created the most life-like animation ever.
"The eyes are one of the single biggest things that make people alive," said Andy Jones, the animation director. "We're moving the eyes around to make the character seem like it's thinking and feeling for itself. Like there's a soul."

Such claims have created a fear among actors that their job may soon become unecessary.
"I am very troubled by it," said Tom Hanks, who does not enjoy the thought of competing for roles with his digital twin. "But it's coming down, man. It's going to happen. And I'm not sure what actors can do about it."

This will all, of course, be put to the test when the movie actually premieres, the audiences the movie will "pull" will no doubt offer the publics view on the digital - flesh actor debate. However, in a competition between Angelina Jolie and Lara Croft, flesh gets my vote.

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