Legends of Might and Magic 1.1 patch


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This update addresses the following issues:

Update v 1.1 Information

Added Grenade Bounce Sound to the H.H.G.A. Player can now hear it when it is nearby.
Secret Door with the Statue in "On The Run" map now opens correctly.
Two new parameters can be added to the Dedicated Servers Target: command.
+consolelog 1
Places all the pertinent game information in the Server's Console.
+log ‹ file name ›
Allows the Server to write to a log file will all the game stats. Who killed who type of information.
Added a ChangeMap feature to the Dedicated Server's "System" menu.
Allows the Server Administrator to change the map on the fly.
Added a "Damage Through Walls" toggle to the Server. Allows the Server Adminstrator to turn off the Area Effect damage when going through walls. Note: For Listen Servers, use the Arrow keys in the "Game Options:" field to navigate to this option in the "Host" screen.
Players on the same team can now change to a different class on the same team when that side is full or the teams are balanced.
Fixed the potential loading screen hang when a round had ended and a new one was starting.
Fixed a Dedicated Server instability issue.
Fixed Dedicated Server issue that would cause periodic long periods of LAG during play.
Corrected the charging weapon exploitation.
Double byte version of Windows can now use the mouse buttons to attack.
Cleaned up the Princess's ability to follow the player.

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