Deus Ex Shifter v1.5.1 Mod


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New Unique Weapons and the much-anticipated Skull Gun Augmentation, not to mention the usual assortment of improvements and optimizations. What's not to want?

Yes, you heard right. Shifter now features a complete and working Skull Gun Augmentation. Installed in the Cranial augmentation slot, the Skull Gun aug will release a powerful burst of plasma, but with significant drain on your Bioelectric Energy reserves. Powerful, but use it wisely.

Shifter v1.5.1 also features several new Unique Weapons, including the JackHammer, a fully-auto Shotgun. It may not pack the biggest punch per shot, but when it can unload 12 in a second efficiency doesn't matter much.

Remember how burning NPCs would mysteriously extinguish themselves just before dying? Well not anymore! Fire effects are now a touch more realistic, continuing to burn as long as they can, *not* whenever the NPC finally keels over.

As per, there are many many *many* more changes, fully outlined in the included Readme file.

This version of Shifter, as will all versions, is a standalone installation; you do not need to download any previous versions to install Shifter v1.5.1.

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