Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Day 1 v1.01 Patch


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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Vegas 2 v1.01 Patch Contents


* Added Voice Chat Support

* Pressing F5 now refreshes the match search list

* Fix for spawn camping

* Switch weapon is now faster in adversarial

* Lower respawn timer for deathmatch and team deathmatch

* Added Team balance XP penalty

* Enabled outfitting option in observer mode.

* Team Leader respawn modification: Respawning with the leader is now the default option

Bugs fixed:

* Fixed hang time when playing matches on certain graphics hardware

* Fixed delays for clients when using the custom face feature in-game

* Fixed game crash when the user would click in a certain area from the Leaderboards menu

* Fixed textures corruption when changing antialiasing repeatedly on certain graphics hardware

* Reviewed some achievements unlock when playing online

* Fixed game mode selection bug after being kicked from a dedicated server

* Fixed online problem of client being thrown out of a game when host uses Alt+Tab

* Fixed problem related to weapon templates switch when using only a keyboard

* Fixed the map update in the games list when the SADS uses map cycle

* Fixed issue with The Ace Always Wins! reward

* Fixed malfunction with mouse/keyboard uses in menus

* Fixed a client crash releated to host changing server for the Comcast Event map

* Fixed issue with the Face Scan on certain camera hardware

* Added fix to prevent opening console while chatting

* Fixes allowing better support of ATI Crossfire configuration

* Fixed HUD problems when using all of the Rainbow's grenades

* Fixed issue when the host would get stuck in the pause menu by kicking the clients while he is respawning

* Fixed a black screen issue when client would join a game in progress.

* Fixed problems related to weapon restriction configuration in Terrorist Hunt

* Fixed experience boost exploit in the first act in single player

* Fixed issue of the crosshairs that disapear when taking cover and aiming simultaneously.

* Fixed sound issue when Bishop's weapons are lost if the user shoots and kills Dennis Cohen.

* Fixed the wrong behavior of a hand gun after changing it from Outfitting menu.

* Fixed issue where client gets stuck in the respawn screen at 0 seconds while in observer mode

* Fixed respawn issue when playing terrorist hunt game at realistic difficulty

* Fixed issue of the laser beam shifting off target after shooting with a pistol


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