Greenlight game looks to bring back the hacking genre

It's been a long time since Introversion released Uplink (13 years in fact) and while there have been a few point and click hacking titles since, nothing captured the dark, foreboding vision of 90's era hacking quite like it and really, the genre has all but disappeared. But not for good.

Disrupt is a hacking game being developed by North Rock studios and it's now hit Steam Greenlight, where already it's developing a nice little buzz. The game has you playing a hacker who's managed to gain access to the US government's NexOS, giving you almost unfettered control of the technical aspects of various government organisations, cities and perhaps most importantly, the police.

The gameplay looks to mix up Uplink's simple, point and click style, with some console typing, so make sure your touch typing is up to scratch, as making mistakes in this game could potentially be very frustrating.

Throughout the game you'll face challenges as well as moral dilemmas, like hacking for your own personal gain or for the good of others. Do you delete a police database to save your own hide, when it could mean other more high-profile criminals get off scot free?

"Your decision will have an impact around the environment [too]," the site reads, "making news outlets turn you image into a villain or hero."

Do you guys like the sound of Disrupt? If so, you can vote on its Greenllight status here.

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