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About XWW2:

This mod is still in its infancy, and we are slowly replacing everything in the game to achieve realism. Some things are limited by the game's engine itself, but we are pushing it full throttle as well.

When you download Experience WWII, you will see numerous changes within 1 minute. We have added numerous weapons and vehicles, edited most physics of the game to give it a more realistic feel. No more shooting someone 5 times at point blank range and still not getting a kill. Pretty much in this game, its 1 shot, 1 kill. Just like in real war. Some people may challenge the realism of that, but I would invite any of you to take a round from a .30-06 and stay on your feet.

You will also notice the "aesthetic" upgrades. You will now fight with or against units such as the 101st Airborne, Waffen SS, Falschrimjagers, 2nd Panzer Division, among a few others. Tanks and vehicles have been weathered, as well as new ground textures on some maps.

Experience WWII also features a few maps that you cannot get anywhere else. While right now, we only have our "Operation Overlord: Dog Green Sector" up and running, we are currently working on "Operation Overlord: Pointe du Hoc", Operation Zitadelle and Okinawa.

Here at Experience WWII, we strive to give you the most realistic gaming experience possible. We currently feature new weapons such as: M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, G43 Rifle, Panzerfaust, Type 38 Rifle, Type 100SMG, Type 97LMG, as well as a few others. We are currently in the process of making Russian weapons to complete the correct loadouts.

List of changes:

Experience World War II
2.3.6 Changelog

Italian Landing Craft Position Icons Corrected
All Tank and Artillery Projectile Velocities Corrected
LOD on Sherman, Tiger and Kubelwagon Wrecks Corrected
Jeep and Kubelwagon damaging tanks by exploding adjusted
Tiger, PIVG, PIVH, Chi-Ha Cannon Ammunition Corrected
MG34, MG42, .50, .30, BAR, Breda, MP18, MP40, STG44, Sten, Thompson, Type96 and Type100 ROF adjusted
PIV Tank's Reload Time adjusted
Flak-38 and Allied AA Elevation adjusted and Velocity adjusted
Flak-38 and Allied AA Ammuntion and Reload Icons Added
M11-39 turret Armament Corrected, (Twin 8mm Breda Model 38 MGs not Cannons)
M11-39 turret MGs ROF, Velocity, Ammunition and Muzzle Flash Corrected
M11-39 turret MGs can now be fired independently
M11-39 turret MGs Ammunition and Reload Icons Added
AI on all Handweapons adjusted
-Bots should not throw grenades at vehicles anymore
-Bots Weapon accuracy and range reduced
M3Grant turret Cannon ROF, Velocity, Ammunition and Muzzle Flash Corrected
M3Grant turret Cannon Ammunition and Reload Icons Added
ME110 Tail Gunner X-hair Removed
Browning .50 Cal and MG42 First Person View adjusted (Iron Sites)
T34 Hull Gunner Added
Vehicles can now be disabled
Vehicles do not fly into the air after being destroyed
Vehicle Wrecks burn
Vehicle Wrecks Time To Live adjusted
Panzerfaust in German Early Kit Removed
Walter P38 in Omaha Axis Sapper Kit Removed
Vehicle MG Gunner Position Heights adjusted
M1 Carbine Damage adjusted
-Was slightly underpowered
Priest Top MG Position Added
Priest Position Icons Corrected
Katyusha Firing Recoil adjusted
Katyusha Position Icons adjusted
MG Ammunition adjusted
-MG42 50 Round Drum
-MG34 Coax 250 Round Belt
-Browning .30 Coax 250 Round Belt in Ammo Box
-Browning .50 250 Round Belt in Ammo Box
MG's Reload Time adjusted
All Tank's Mass Corrected
All Tank's Elevation Corrected
MG42 Sounds adjusted
Flak38, Allied AA, PAK40, AT25 Hit Points adjusted
Sherman Hull Gunner Elevation and Traverse adjusted
PIV's Top turret MG Sensitivity corrected
Fixed bug which allowed players to fire rifle before animation completed.
Fixed Browning position & removed crosshairs in Higgins Craft
Changed time to live for ExPacks
Japanese LC MG position changed & crosshairs removed.
Axis coaxial machine gun deviation increased.
Allied coaxial machine gun projectile type corrected.
Allied coaxial machine gun now fires all projectiles.
Corporals now only get 2 ExPacks.
Panzerfaust deviation increased dramatically for all but crouched.
Added free-look to Allied APC.
Added support for 180º view.
Added camera shake when mounted MGs are fired.
Verified 1.4 fix: Cannot repair land-based vehicles in hanger.
Fixed projectiles on B17 turret and ball guns (no more 1:3).
SBD Tail gunner 1:3 bug fixed.
Fixed the Browning problem.
Made Browning .50cal more realistic.
Gave .50cal to P-51, SBD, & Corsair.
Tiger turret traverse speed decreased. (~1 minute for 360º)
Updated some RoF data:
-Browning .30 decreased.
-BAR decreased. (doesn't effect us in 2.3.6 :) )
-MP18 increased.
ExPacks non-throwable.
Added deviation to Bazooka.
Bazooka range changed: more realistic.
Bazooka velocity adjusted.
Panzerfaust velocity adjusted.
MP40 changed to 28 round magazine.
Flak 38 now has deviation.
Allied AA now has deviation.
Jeep is now 4x4.
Thompson change to 28 round magazines.
Semi-auto rifles (G43,M1Garand,M1Carbine) are now semi-auto. They basically fire as quickly as you should be able to pull a trigger.
Made binoculars for the sergeant kits that cannot call artillery, but can still be used for scouting areas or whatever.
Added Early SS (for Kharkov).
Added Early Heer (for Stalingrad).
P-51 Rockets now fire two at a time.
Adjusted 20mm cannon damage.
Adjusted Katyusha's rocket's speed.
Adjusted P-51's rocket's speed.
Knife/Bayonet damage adjusted.
M3A1, Hanomag, and Katyusha HPs increased to 30.
Added 1.4 fix for AA guns doing no damage to sandbags.
Early US Marine Corps. kits have Springfield 1903 instead of M1Garand.

Map Changes:
Added Operation Zitadelle map.
Battle of the Bulge
Axis lose tickets unless they capture the Allied side of the river.
BF110 no longer spawns if Axis capture the flag closest to Allied base.
Overlord Dog Green
Added second beach flag.
New trench system.
Vierville size increased and walled.
More vegetation to hide in.
Shell holes to hide in.
Operation Market Garden
Added Axis permanent spawn point on north side of river.
Added Springfield for US main rifle

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