Quake III Arena Point Release (v1.32) Final


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This is the v1.32 final point release for Quake 3 Arena and Q3A: Team Arena.

Short List of Changes in 1.32 : (see readme for complete list)

- new network protocol, 68

- network code:
improved fragmented messages handling

map change while client loads map no longer causes an 'Invalid .PK3' error

map_restart while client loads map no longer causes a reload

fixing donedl being ignored after autodl if map_restart'ed

- the demo command has a list of compatible protocols, it will loop through 66 67 68

you can do '/demo four' and it will try four.dm_66 four.dm_67 four.dm_68

or you can explicitely give a '/demo demoname.dm_??'

- added mousewheel support in the console:

wheel to scroll, ctrl+wheel to scroll faster, shift+wheel to scroll history

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