Icewind Dale Patch V.106


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Fixed a potential problem with hit points becoming negative with characters having very high Constitution scores.Fixed a potential crash on dial-up and serial games when viewing some transitional movies. Fixed potential saving problem with "Auto-Pause on Trap Detection" feature. Fixed a message displayed when a PC has a full inventory and an NPC
tries to give the PC an item. Adjustments made to the end game for some people who would not get the ending movies after the final conflict. Fixed a problem with salamanders not always displaying their aura effects. Removed dependency on Winsock 2 (should help for Windows 95 users). Fixed a weapon problem on Fire Elementals. Fixed a display bug with derived THAC0 when the Prayer spell was active.
Fixed a problem with a potion that gave permanent magic resistance removing it's permanent effect after reloading a game. The Robe of the Watcher now gives the 10% magic resistance bonus.
Using Notepad or another text editor, open the 'icewind.ini' file in your game directory (default: C:Program FilesBlack IsleIcewind Dale) and locate the line that says "[Game Options]". If you wish to use the feature mentioned below, enter the text found within the quotes (but not the quotes themselves) on to their own line: "Show Quest XP=1"
This will display the actual amount of experience points you receive when completing quests.
For example:

[Game Options]
Show Quest XP=1
... etc ...

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