Neverwinter Nights Patch v1.24


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This patch will upgrade your Neverwinter Nights to version 1.24.

Neverwinter Nights Game Fixes for v1.24:
Added support for high resolution font (larger text in most places). The option is in Advanced Video Options.
onLocked and onUnLocked events for doors and placeables work now.
DM to DM chat messages can now be filtered out in the chat window.
Added a tooltip for quickbar "Assign Command".
Fixed pop-up GUIs appearing on top of the load screen.
Made a small fix to the server list chat edit area.
When saving a servervault subdirectory character and the player has no name, save into a subdirectory called "lost+found" instead of the root of the servervault.
Fixed an issue with generating texture IDs for Matrox video cards.
Plot objects now have all immunities.
Fixed a memory leak in inventory.
Fixes to Darkness vs. Ultravision and True Seeing.
Fixed a DM Client crash when trying to bring up the PvP menu in certain situations.
Fixed a problem with determining character encumberance when loading.
Fixed a problem with DMs where getting killed when someone turned off their plot flag through scripting.
Fixed the 21st player dedicated server crash.
Made a fix to diseases that addresses a server crash.
Fixed server crash when critically failing to set a trap.

Allow CreateItemOnObject() to work on item containers.
Fixed the GetItemInInventory() crash when examining item containers.
VectorToAngle() bug fixed.
InsertString() wierdness that caused a crash is fixed.
DelayCommand() now works for delays over 1 game day.
GetSpellId() now works for non-creatures.
Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset

Journal Editor GUI tweak.
Hak Pak Editor

Added ability for the Hak Pak editor to take a .hak file name as a command line parameter.

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